Probing our thinking about fundamental realities.

Stretching our Commerce . . .

New options, considerations at hand.
New options, considerations at hand.

This Work takes a radical turn. It suggests better achievements in personal well-being are more likely without using money at all for exchange.  Mechanisms  are designed for managing allocative efficiency for dissemination of Resources and less “costly” dispensation of goods and services.  Smaller GDP . . . increased thriving.

The Work will be viewed as Utopian–or Science Fiction.  It is neither.  It envisions removing money from markets altogether, without moving backward into primitive Bargaining or Central Planning.  Using modern information systems for its underpinning, it offers fundamental solutions to historical dilemmas of first principles: how to put people in control of their own growth paths.

Mary Fowler was born in small, mill-town Massachusetts, was trained in critical thinking at St. John’s College, Annapolis, MD,  the “Great Books” school.  Subsequently, at U. Connecticut, she earned a master’s degree in nutritional biochemistry.

People, their function and dysfunction, have absorbed Mary’s interests since early childhood.


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