Getting the American Dream under control

The apparently natural–or at least manipulable–inclination for human beings to consume more and more is an inherent weakness for modern economies.  Designing a commercial system that puts at center stage this rampaging desire–the American Dream–is frankly outright silly.  That is, people know they are not born to indulge in infinite consumption.  If they think upon it at all, they realize this monstrous market pushes us to consumption–while itself devouring our precious time and attention.  One knows that these unique minds which we  inherited, and the wizardry–in all fields–with which we can expend our many kinds of intelligence, is not fundamentally gratified by (truly mindless) consumption.  One knows that consumption is but an accident of technological prowess.  No one thinks we were “put on this earth,” or more simply just grew upon this earth, to see who could consume the most.

The fight to find inclusion for apparently millions of undocumented foreign residents, living and working here but forever excluded from participating in the American Dream is policy named tragedy.   If education is a prerequisite for developing a mind, and the exercise of intelligence is critical both to belonging, earning respect, and contributing responsibly to the nation, why is its “funding” inserted as a roadblock to its success?  It isn’t as if we didn’t know how to develop any one of the different intelligences that motivate Human activity.  It’s outright crazy that we constrain development by tying it up in manipulations of this odd thing we know as a “medium of exchange,” when the task is to get right down to building superior persons.


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